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The Lover Earrings by Ask&Embla

Circular earrings inspired by church windows. 
For the Lover in you, and for those who’ve loved you unconditionally. 

14K gold plated on brass for an enduring, luxurious finish or Rhodium plated on brass for a high-shine, tarnish-free, and long-lasting silver finish.

The Lover is an Ask & Embla premium product—an original and exclusive piece made with high-grade materials, designed to elevate alternative jewelry with timeless sophistication.

Measurements (Per piece)
70mm Height
67mm Width
19g Weight

Sold as a pair for standard pierced ears (1mm).


Vulnerability is no weakness. 
& so the Lover keeps the windows open, unafraid of the cold. 
The light of home is always in sight. 

We accept the love we think we deserve. 
The Lover believes you deserve more. 
She is an unjudging harbour of strong and gentle love.