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Top 5 Mask APPROVED Piercing Ideas

Top 5 Mask APPROVED Piercing Ideas

Yeah, we are sick of the pandemic too but we are taking back looking great and feeling our best and while we cant pierce anything under a mask we can ABSOLUTELY kill the rest of the body piercing game


white opal nipple or industrial bar
geniune opal zuri small threadless end marquise shape
cubic zirconia and white opal navel by royale
three opal curved cluster for ears
white opal nipple piercing
pink, purple and peacock opal colours in helix

2. Daith Decor 

Swarovski gem front facing hoop

ultimate daith or septum piercing jewelry - elite ring by buddha
Swarovski gem hoop cluster
gold snake wrapping around hoop for daith

3. Holy Trinity

gold trinity cluster

cubic zirconia trinity cluster in tragus

small and large trinity gems in lobes unique double trinity placement in helix piercing
4. Rainbow Realness 
paradise shine industrial upgrade optionsaurora borealis rainbow curved eyebrow paradise shine prong set threadless end mercury mist rainbow baguette end by buddhakite shaped rainbow mercury mist by buddha
5. Statement Golds